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you're invited!

Stop by Shake The Tree in Boston's North End for cocktails, apps and Mother's Day gifts! I'll be there from 7-9pm with the Love Letters collection of personalized charm necklaces. Make Mom proud that you planned ahead and place your order in time for the big day. Choose a story necklace for mom, sister, yourself, your bff...  See you tonight!

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it's not what you think

Before my family starts calling me after seeing the picture in this post, let me say that this is not a recent picture (do you think I'm that crazy). No, this is my pregnant belly from over a year ago when our second baby girl (at the time we did not know she was a she) was swimming around, growing and growing. Just a bit of nostalgia on this crisp Tuesday morning. Seeing this picture made me think about what a strange yet completely natural experience pregnancy is. For a brief moment in a woman's life she is actually physically inside herself - nurturing herself as her baby develops into a being who will become completely separate and independent of her. Perhaps I'm ruminating on the subject since Laela is now nine months old and I see her need me less and less each month. She's crawling, feeds herself, holds her own bottle... motherhood is full of intensities of love and beauty, but it's also very heartbreaking too.

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lime curd coconut squares

Another rainy day on the marsh has piqued my hunkering down instincts and what better place to hunker down than in the kitchen? I made these super easy lime curd coconut squares over the weekend and am getting ready to make another batch (after I write this post, of course). I was so thrilled to have found a dessert that can be put together and popped in the oven in under fifteen minutes (so long as you have the lime curd prepared in advance). I stumbled upon the recipe for the squares and the lime curd at salad in a jar. The only variations I made were to add 1/4 cup of unsweetened shredded coconut to the sweetened shredded coconut and I cooked the lime curd on the stove rather than making it in the microwave.

I'm thinking these squares would be great to bring to our next dinner gathering or as a sweet treat to pop in a few of our neighbors' mailboxes. The cute packaging I like to keep on hand can be found here.

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currently crushing on: colorful sandals

I must have a pair of these seychelles sandals. They are everything I love in a summer shoe. The trouble is deciding which color combination I like the best. I'm leaning toward no. 1... but then there's no. 4. What's your pick?

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day three, year thirty

On Saturday I turned thirty. "It's about time!" my neighbor said with a smirk. I took it as a compliment to all the good things my life has seen in the years leading up to my thirtieth. Entering a new decade is a good feeling. The vast landscape of the new age rolls out before you and it's kind of like a clean slate - a blank canvas to create the next ten years. I remember turning fifteen and thinking how "old" I was getting. I remember turning twenty and thinking how "young" I still was. Now that I have arrived at thirty, I'm thinking about how old and young I feel and I am enjoying the gift only time can give: perspective. In my twenties I graduated from college, started my company, met my true love, became mama to my sweet baby girls and somehow managed to keep my long shiny hair. Four apartments, three vehicles, two children and one full decade of twists, turns, surprises and lots and lots of love from my family and friends. I am blessed to have this life as each year brings an opportunity for growth, love and wisdom. I look forward to the years ahead and fondly at those years gone by.

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coconut muffins

Earlier this week I was staring at my unopened bag of shredded coconut (that was purchased on a whim a few months ago) wondering what I could make with it. I wandered over to smitten kitchen and searched around until I found this recipe for coconut muffins. Double coconut muffins, to be exact. Instead of butter, coconut oil is used and the result is delightful! If I closed my eyes I felt as if it were 20 degrees warmer outside (sort of). Coconut oil has gotten a bad reputation over the years, but the virgin cold-pressed variety is actually very beneficial to your health. I've actually been using it as my only moisturizer for body and face for the last few weeks and my skin looks (and smells) wonderful. More on that topic later. I hope you try this recipe and have a wonderful weekend.

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pop-up jewelry show

My absolute favorite store in Boston is hosting Marissa B. for a showing of the popular Love Letters collection. Shake The Tree is one of the very first stores I sold my line to (some nine years ago)! I love this store and it's talented owner! As soon as you walk in, you are greeted with the scents of candles, lotions and lip balms (like violet, birthday cake and mimosa). Pristine glass cases await with their glittering contents of jewelry and the most adorable, unique clothing selections hang proudly and beautifully organized. Shake The Tree is the only place I need to know of to get that perfect card, gift or little treasure for myself.

So, if you find yourself in Boston's North End (get a cannoli at Modern Pastry - trust me) stop by for a cocktail, some mini-bites from a local restaurant and check out my personalized jewelry collection at special pricing only during the event.

When: Thursday, April 24th 7:00-9:00pm
Where: Shake The Tree, 67 Salem Street, Boston
Why: Get the perfect Mother's Day gift while enjoying complimentary cocktails and apps!

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enter april

I like the month of April. Not just because it's my birthday month or the month I started this blog. No, I like April mostly because it's the light at the end of the winter tunnel here in New England. Usually. This year it looks like we will actually have a spring and these images are the perfect palette to celebrate the budding leaves and sprouting flowers. Soon enough sandals and sundresses will replace the wool sweaters and corduroys that hang in closet. They've had a long winter and are ready to rest in storage for a few seasons and I'm oh-so-willing to give that to them!

images from W magazine via fellt.com
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