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lime curd coconut squares

Another rainy day on the marsh has piqued my hunkering down instincts and what better place to hunker down than in the kitchen? I made these super easy lime curd coconut squares over the weekend and am getting ready to make another batch (after I write this post, of course). I was so thrilled to have found a dessert that can be put together and popped in the oven in under fifteen minutes (so long as you have the lime curd prepared in advance). I stumbled upon the recipe for the squares and the lime curd at salad in a jar. The only variations I made were to add 1/4 cup of unsweetened shredded coconut to the sweetened shredded coconut and I cooked the lime curd on the stove rather than making it in the microwave.

I'm thinking these squares would be great to bring to our next dinner gathering or as a sweet treat to pop in a few of our neighbors' mailboxes. The cute packaging I like to keep on hand can be found here.

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