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I break for family

Family's coming to town for a long visit and I am very excited! So excited in fact, that I haven't ben blogging. Rather, I've been gathering recipes (gluten free, btw) and planning activities for all of us and the girls. Oh yeah, and I've been cleaning the house which is taking up way too much of my free time (that I don't have). In the meantime here's a yummy recipe for creme carmel from sweet paul. Until November...
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pantone color report

I just love, love LOVE these colors from pantone's fall 2012 color collection. Especially rose smoke... how gorgeous it would look with french roast or, my favorite stand-by, black. It's refreshing to see some brighter colors too, such as tangerine tango. I will feel confident wearing these gold earrings well into December! Now, I'm on the hunt for a cozy fall sweater in honey gold or rhapsody. Aren't these colors such fun...

image via pantone
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oh, wear! noir

Black feels so comfortable and familiar to me. Wearing black makes me feel safe and sophisticated even if I'm having a bad hair day. Black seems so rote when it comes to party or evening attire, but I always find it classic and appealing. After all, it's not called a little black dress for nothing. Here's my sparkly version... an ode to noir.

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hello, october

October in New England is a gamble; it might be rainy, cold, raw... so miserable that you're begging for those oppressively hot August days. Or, it can be the most beautiful, colorful, crisp time of year... days that are bathed-in-sunshine. Kind days that are made for light weight sweaters, skinny jeans and leather boots, jacket optional. This October's temperament has yet to be determined, but I am hopeful it will remind us New Englanders why we live here and bestow us with the beauty of a kind October.

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