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color inspiration: honeysuckle pink

When I consider pink, I always hear the phrase "pink pink, you stink" chime in my head... and so I've kind of stayed away.  Pink doesn't have to live up to its super-girlish reputation, though.  Enter the honeysuckle pinks of summer 2011.  With an ever-so-slight touch of orange and mauve, these pinks are the grown-up versions of bubblegum and cotton candy.

images via refinery29.com
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oh, wear!

I hope you all enjoy the long weekend.  This is my ideal day-to-evening outfit...

dress | shoes | lipstick | mb earrings
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studio tour no. 1001

Summer and rich gold toned jewelry just go so well together.  Yellow is my color crush of the moment and I hope you like how it pairs with strong brights, like coral and turquoise as much as I do.  New designs will be available on the website next week.  Especially these vintage German glass bead and turquoise numbers.  There are only three pairs available.  Send and email to info@marissab.com if you would like to pre-order.
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friends weekend

This past weekend was all about friends.  Hero Husband and I were able to steal away on our own to enjoy the company of other adults.  From a surprise birthday party at one of my favorite Boston restaurants, to an intimate dinner gathering at our house, we reconnected with some friends we haven't seen in a while.  It reminded me of the necessity of maintaining your adult relationships once you become a parent and that it takes effort to do so.  An evening (or two) out from the trenches of mummy-hood were a much needed reminder of the life and love that is out there beyond that which we create with our family life at home.  And, I got to rock a pair of earrings from the summer collection with my favorite go-to heels.  It just feels good to wear colorful semi precious stones.
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about that time

It's about that time of day on a Friday when I start dreaming about the weekend adventures our little family will have.  Being in the state of pregnant, I always start my daydreams with the kind of food I'll be making (or just consuming).  Here are some inspiring thoughts with corresponding recipes.  Have a wonderful weekend!

gelato | rustic pizza | blueberry parfait | salad
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oh, wear!

Another cold, wet day on the marsh.  Will we ever see the sun?  In the meantime here are some stylish rainproof goods. I especially love those boots - yes they are completely rubber!

waterproof mascara | scarf | boots | coat | mb earrings
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on the ground

This past weekend was all about planting our vegetable garden. As we hoped for a little bit of sun to peak through the wet, gray sky (and as I tried not to destroy my favorite pair of cowboy boots while scratching and combing the earth) I felt something I hadn't experienced since Violet was born.  I felt grounded.  Making the physical connection with the earth and sitting in the dirt reminded me of how essential it is to always be aware of the big round ball we live on - the mass that supports us, nourishes us and possesses its own intricate harmony.  Watching Violet get her hands into the dirt and puzzle over this new discovery was a better feeling than that sun I had hoped for to make our day brighter.

The garden is planted and the wait begins to see those first tender leaves sprout.  Last year we were in such a hurry to get our veggies growing...this year I'll treat our garden as a work in progress and spend a lot of time getting my hands (and cowboy boots) dirty.
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dreaming about fairy tale gowns

This time of year brings around many wonderful things.  The earth warms up, days get longer, flowers bloom and weddings of all styles and sizes take place against the verdant backdrop I love so much - spring!  Sometimes I think about the wedding Hero Hubby and I never had and if we will celebrate our nuptials in some future spring.  In the meantime these free-spirited, impossibly romantic gowns are satisfying my seasonal craving for all things wedding. 

Visit the Marissa B. Wedding Collection for inspiration for you big day.
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color inspiration: turquoise

Turquoise has a special place in my heart.  It can rearrange my mood when I'm feeling...well, just plain blue.  Turquoise gets the lime-light (sorry, I couldn't resist!) in these fabulous kitchens.  Bon appetit!
*blogger deleted this post during the outage.  I'm sure it will be restored, but I'm re-posting just in case.
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marissab.com - website launch

After many, many hours from our talented and devoted web developer, marissab.com is open for business! Enter code FREESHIP at checkout to enjoy free shipping until June 30th.
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oh, wear!

Coral on the brink of orange makes me smile every time.  I can't get enough of this color and am definitely planning on carrying this color through my fall designs. Right now I'm loving how it pairs with shimmery metallics.

top + skirt | sandal | clutch | mb gold loop earrings
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