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on the ground

This past weekend was all about planting our vegetable garden. As we hoped for a little bit of sun to peak through the wet, gray sky (and as I tried not to destroy my favorite pair of cowboy boots while scratching and combing the earth) I felt something I hadn't experienced since Violet was born.  I felt grounded.  Making the physical connection with the earth and sitting in the dirt reminded me of how essential it is to always be aware of the big round ball we live on - the mass that supports us, nourishes us and possesses its own intricate harmony.  Watching Violet get her hands into the dirt and puzzle over this new discovery was a better feeling than that sun I had hoped for to make our day brighter.

The garden is planted and the wait begins to see those first tender leaves sprout.  Last year we were in such a hurry to get our veggies growing...this year I'll treat our garden as a work in progress and spend a lot of time getting my hands (and cowboy boots) dirty.
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