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in pain there is wisdom

Good morning, Dear Readers. I'm happy to be alive...I didn't mention to you all that, up until a few weeks ago, skull surgery was in my future. It was really scary - I'm not going to pretend it was "no big deal" or that I'm all better as I type this post. In fact, I'm not really able to write about the experience (or much of anything) just yet, but I did want to break the silence and write just a little something to say how happy I am that I'm still here, enjoying my family while I recover, feeling the transformativeness (is that a word?) of physical pain and the wisdom it provides, still going to blog, and still loving life... among many many other things! Thank you for reading... until next time :)

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new in the shop: LAPIS

After pampering my skin by testing out the new facial clays I've been working on, I have enjoyed brighter skin that has that glow-ey look to it (the last time I saw glowing skin was when I was pregnant... not necessarily the most practical way to get glow-ey).  I haven't had many breakouts since I switched to moisturizing with oil blends and ditched my CVS "gentle" cleanser, but it's still good to be prepared when the inevitable happens - hormones, junk food, and sleeping in my make-up.

Thus, Lapis was created. This powerful combination of extracts and essential oils targets bacteria and underlying inflammation of blemishes. Argan oil helps to break up sebum build up while the exceptional trans-dermal properties of emu oil carries the healing powers of tea tree oil, seabuckthorn berry extract, and essential oils of lemongrass, clove, and oregano deep into the skin to clear up blemishes. Lapis Blemish Treatment Serum is in the shop!

This oil is formulated to spot treat acne and is too strong to use as an overall treatment. The Agate Face Oil Blend is a wonderful choice for oily or acne prone skin - providing hydration and keeping breakouts at bay. Hopefully, none of you are visited by any annoying red bumps - they seem to arrive like unwelcome house guests at the most inopportune times. But, if you are you know where to find a solution!
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