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out of the blue

I chose the title for this post, "out of the blue," for two reasons. After all, this post truly does come out of nowhere after not blogging for an ENTIRE year *sigh*. First, There's the great blue yonder, the seemingly infinite sky above us. Second, there's the deep blue - the mysterious waters of which we never know the depths. As I sit clacking away in front of my mac I realize the urge to write, reconnect with readers, and share some (hopefully) interesting things from my corner of the blog-o-sphere has come from two "blues."

I won't bore you with the details of what has pulled me away from writing and contributing, but I can sum it all up in three words: kids, renovations, discipline. That last one was hard to type, but it's the key to staying healthy/sane while balancing all that is demanded of us in this modern world. It has been my lack of discipline that's skewed things too far away from staying involved in the things that make me feel, well, myself - you know, the things that make your heart sing. The demands of kids and house renovations are a whole other story, and I'm hoping that with the right discipline I can balance both and make room for blogging again!

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