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day three, year thirty

On Saturday I turned thirty. "It's about time!" my neighbor said with a smirk. I took it as a compliment to all the good things my life has seen in the years leading up to my thirtieth. Entering a new decade is a good feeling. The vast landscape of the new age rolls out before you and it's kind of like a clean slate - a blank canvas to create the next ten years. I remember turning fifteen and thinking how "old" I was getting. I remember turning twenty and thinking how "young" I still was. Now that I have arrived at thirty, I'm thinking about how old and young I feel and I am enjoying the gift only time can give: perspective. In my twenties I graduated from college, started my company, met my true love, became mama to my sweet baby girls and somehow managed to keep my long shiny hair. Four apartments, three vehicles, two children and one full decade of twists, turns, surprises and lots and lots of love from my family and friends. I am blessed to have this life as each year brings an opportunity for growth, love and wisdom. I look forward to the years ahead and fondly at those years gone by.

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