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house: day 34

It's day 34 here at the new house and my big focus has been getting the house finished. For the past two months Hero Hubby and I have been flat-out working, fixing, painting, nailing, chopping (more on that later), sawing, screwing (not that kind), moving, assembling, cleaning... The list of tasks go on and on. I realize that with a monumental task such as this there's no "finished." It's a process that leaves little time for playing.

It's time to get my ducks in a row and structure my weeks more so I actually schedule play time in. Many of you may be bristling at the thought of scheduling play time - I know I am! Naturally one to just go with the flow, I realize that in order to stay on top of the house projects and be a good mum I need structure. I'm not quite sure how I'll arrange my schedule or how I'll be at sticking to it, but here are some inspiring posts to help me get started. How have you organized your days? Also, I found some great DIY recipes for all things play-time (more on those later) and I'm putting this DIY teepee on my to-do list. What kid wouldn't like a teepee in her room?

How does you brain work via organized everyday
How I clean my house via mom of 6
21 day challenge via bowl full of lemons

Oh, and these activities might just save my sanity. The littlest one is thirteen months now and she is into everything!

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