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been a while + wordless wednesday

"Gimme back my Wordless Wednesdays!" read the text from my cousin and devoted a Side of Sparkle reader. Meghan had traded the paradise of Hawaii for two weeks of unpredictable New England summertime for a family visit not too long ago. I felt so lucky to host her and her gorgeous (and I mean gorgeous) little boy at the new house. After catching up on all sorts of things she asked me about the blog situation - or, lack thereof! Well, I'm back to posting regularly after a break that allowed me to focus on moving the family, renovating the house and starting anew. So, Meghan and all other Dear Readers out there, please excuse my hiatus. I have lots and lots of house news to share (everyone likes a good before and after, right?), kid updates, recipes, fashion posts... and, yes, Wordless Wednesday:

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