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It's been a long past few weeks. Lots of anxious feelings and late nights involving calculators, spec sheets, fax cover sheets and wine. Anyway, we're 99% on our way to making a big move - to a new house. The property we'll call home in a few months needs a lot of work, but that's Hero Hubby's expertise and my passion! Some bathrooms will get ripped out and replaced, floors will be refinished ceilings will be torn down, walls will be painted, and some not-so-pretty kitchen cabinets will get a major makeover. And that's just the stuff on the inside. I hope I can keep up with blogging and report from the front lines of how home renovation, motherhood, small business and designing all come together! It will be interesting. I'm getting the wine bottles ready. For now, I've posted some color schemes I'm thinking of for the bedrooms. I love lilac and sherbert together for the girls' room and a light robin's egg blue seems like a peaceful choice for the master bedroom. Am I bold enough to paint the guest bedroom that lovely coral?

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  1. Virginia HinesMay 24, 2012

    WOOHOO! I am so thrilled for you, Paul and the girls. Keep us posted.


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