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who wants some Schweddy Balls?

Leave it to Ben and Jerry's to mint an ice cream with such a, well, ballsy name. Schweddy Balls is coming to a supermarket freezer near you and it boasts the well-rounded flavors of vanilla, rum, fudge and malt balls. For those of us who don't quite get the reference (and that included me) the flavor is based on the old Saturday Night Live skit where Alec Baldwin plays Pete Schweddy on a fake NPR show, Delicious Dish, where he makes holiday treats such as cheese balls, rum balls, and his signature Schweddy balls. Ben & Jerry's spokesman Sean Greenwood stated, "we've always been a company that has had a sense of humor."

Though it sounds unappealing (unless you're into that sort of thing), once I understood the flavor's pop culture connection, I admit my intrigue and will seek out a pint. I imagine I'll smirk every time I open the freezer and catch a glance of the words "Schweddy Balls" peeking out amidst the bags of frozen peas, broccoli and meatballs.

original story via npr
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