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getting organized: week night dinners

Monday in our house marks my weekly venture to the market where I attempt to load the shopping cart full of enough food for what I think will be five wholesome and delicious dinners. While I'm combing the aisles, I'm also combing my brain for all those yummy recipes I just saw somewhere that looked so effortless and nutritious. Since my children, lovely as they are, will have made scrambled eggs of my aforementioned brain by 8:00 am, I need more than the feeble remains of my mental powers to procure the items necessary for an entire week of dinners. Fortunately there's help - and it's so stylish! Thanks, ollibird, for making these cute menu planners. The printable version is available for download and would look fabulous on the fridge next to Violet's latest work of crayola abstract expressionism. My plan is to print of many of these planners. I'll fill in two copies each week - one that will stay on the fridge to answer my daily "what the hell's for dinner?" question and one to take with me to the market to answer my weekly "what the hell am I buying?" question. I ask myself a lot of questions... thankfully I now have answers to two of them.

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