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chocolate, like love, can be complicated

Love is not always easy. But it's so worth it and we grow from making it through the difficult parts, making the smooth parts that much sweeter.  Love and chocolate have a lot in common. Both can be complicated, yet with sweet results. Is that why we give chocolates on Valentine's day? Is it the perfect metaphor for love?

I'm not going to pretend this recipe for red velvet  bonbons is easy or simple... but it's not overly complicated either. First you bake a cake, then turn it into the liquid center for the bonbons. The chocolate requires tempering and the final product is firmed up in a candy mold of your choosing. The entire process really embodies what love is all about. If you make these bonbons for your valentine, tell them how much work it was, and tell them how much you love them. I think these are a sweet homage to love. Oh, and they look freakin' delicious!

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