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on diamonds

Diamonds get a lot of attention. Are they the prettiest of all gems? Both answers to that question are valid. I used to resent just how much swoon-worthy attention diamonds got, but after working with the icy-sparkly stones for the past month I understand their allure. Here's a fun analysis of why it's drilled into our heads we recognize that diamonds are a girl's best friend. Thank you, Marilyn, but a woman's best friend is a positive can-do attitude, imho.

Nevertheless, a few of these babies on your ears wouldn't be so terrible. I've been wearing a white quartz pair nonstop - it makes me feel fancy... and fancy's just fine with me! For the month of September use code LOVEDIAMONDS to enjoy 10% off the new Marissa B. pave diamond collection (nope, it's not too early to think about holiday shopping)!
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