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Hero Hubby and I will be celebrating the union of two friends in September. I love weddings and a destination fall wedding in New England is the loveliest of times. Yes, a weekend without the littles means my clothes have a fair shot at not being stained by food, poop (sorry, but it happens) or any other goo you don't want to be wearing, never mind cleaning up. For two days and two nights I get to be an adult... eating hot meals, having conversations (and finishing them) reading a book, drinking hot beverages without peril of being burned or burning someone, wearing earrings, and, my favorite, bathing on a whim.

So, what to wear for this glorious weekend of sanity? Here are a few compilations to inspire...

the last two sets were created by amandammorris 

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  1. I think you're referring to our wedding?? :). Looking forward to seeing you and whatever fabulous things you decide to wear! I should have asked you to come up with a few styles for me... See you in a few weeks!!

    1. Yes! Us too - can't wait to see you in MV... I just know you'll be the prettiest bride I have ever seen :)


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