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happy spring + taking a break

This is my favorite day of the year, even if our fickle New England weather makes it impossible to pack away winter coats and hats just yet. Happily, this year I'm staring at a sunny 68 degrees on this first day of spring!

So what's all this about taking a break? Well, I'm sick. With the flu, or some sort of horrible body-aching-sore-throat-fever-head-pounding thing that has left me helplessly drinking tea and eating not much other than grapefruits and crackers. With a mountain of work in front of me and little time to waste (or relax) my body has reminded that rest is essential to health and so it has given me the gift of sickness. I say that last statement half sarcastically, but also half sincerely. Sometimes it takes a real smack in the head to realize that you need to re-access your situation and organize your life according to what matters most now. On that note, I'll be taking a short break (I won't stay away for long - you must know me by now). I'll see you in April just in time for my other favorite day of the year, my birthday. Just kidding that is not my other favorite day of the year - maybe it was when I was a kid and cake didn't make me fat. This year is a big one, too... more on that in a few weeks. Until April!

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