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salmon x 3

"Mama! Maaaaaaaammmmmmaaaaa!" Those were the only sounds I could hear as I waited to be helped at the fish counter yesterday at the market. What I didn't hear was the question the man behind the counter asked me, which must have been "did you say 3 and a half pounds?" because that's exactly how much salmon I ended up with. For a large family that would be quite adequate for one dinner, but for us it equates to about three entire meals. I'm not sure if I really did ask for three and a half pounds, or if "one" sometimes sounds like "three." Either way, it's amazing how much distraction a child can cause. I didn't note how much was on the scale, nor did I think about how heavy the wrapped fish was when it was handed over to me. No, I was focused on quelling the sounds that were coming from the 26 pounds sitting in the shopping cart seat wailing about wanting cheese and goldfish and bananas. And so, I have three and half pounds of salmon. Thankfully it was on sale. I made this recipe last night with all of the fish and have determined that it will taste just fine re-heated for Hero Hubby's lunch and our lunch. Any left overs I plan on dicing up and mixing with pasta in a light cream sauce. The recipe for brown sugar and soy sauce salmon is a keeper - it was very easy to put together and, since all the cooking was done in the oven, there was no lingering fish smell in the air after dinner. Serve this with baby bok choy and white (or brown) rice and you have a healthy, yummy meal (or two... or three).

recipe and image via Martha Stewart
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