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and the winner is...

Joanne! A pair of sky blue bonbon Earrings is headed your way. Thanks for participating in the give-away!

Today I was awakened by the gleeful cries of a toddler who wakes up to see the first winter snowfall. "We need a sled... make a snowman... MAMA... DADA... QUICK!" It was the nicest sounding alarm clock, but then I realized I couldn't hit "snooze" and sleep for ten more minutes. So, I sit here typing a post while Violet is picking out which pair of snow boots to wear and Laela is happily chewing on something soft (a blanket? a stuffed animal? I can't tell... don't have my glasses on - a pair of little hands snapped them last week). If you are gearing up to tumble through the snow today, I wish you good luck, warmth and lots of coffee, tea, hot chocolate or whatever warms you (bourbon? I won't judge) at the end of a winter adventure.

image via gabbysworld
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  1. ooooo - yay! I can't wait to wear them... thanks!


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