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what a week...

...and it's still not over yet. And it won't be - not until the fat, jolly and imaginary (sorry to be a spoiler) man in red, white and black sings "ho ho ho." I generally love all things Christmas, holiday, family and, anything that justifies an alcoholic beverage in the morning and evening (in the same day). This year, however I am feeling just a tad (and I'm being really sarcastic here) pressed for merriment and joy. It might have something to do with the toddler, or the baby, or the business, or that I haven't actually slept soundly since 2008, but nevertheless I am chugging along (the not-so-pretty visual of "chugging along" aside). I'm chalking this holiday season up to getting my "chops" as I manage the many aspects of my life and have decided not to stress out about all the fabulous posts I had planned on sparkly holiday trimmings and killer cheese platters... and didn't get to write. I've shelved my "glorious gifts" lists and "party etiquette" ideas (it's really not polite to double-dip - unless you've already sneezed over the entire shrimp cocktail tray). Instead I'll be reporting from the front lines of x-mas mayhem, melt-downs and malapropisms. My post-holiday line-up will reflect on all the celebrations and hopefully serve up a nice side of sparkle - or, at the very least make you smile.

Merry, merry to all!

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