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spice is very nice

Happy Friday, Dear Readers! I must share my latest java discovery: pumpkin spice blend. A week ago I was developing a dangerous habit of buying my morning coffee from a national chain (that will go unnamed) and loving the pumpkin spice variety. Spice is nice, but the quality of coffee at said national chain isn't up to my beloved Peet's. As I was browsing our spice cabinet for something to add to the brisket I was cooking, I stumbled upon a cast-away jar of pumpkin spice mix. Bah, I thought - will I ever use this? Then the proverbial light dawned and I immediately made a pot of coffee in the french press and added about a teaspoon of the spice to the grounds. Hazzah! I had my pumpkin spice coffee made to order with my favorite beans, in my favorite mug, next to my favorite little baristas while we read Cat in the Hat (for the ninth time). 
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  1. I'm so glad that you have discovered the enjoyment of experimenting with your homemade coffee brew - good for you. And I'm so happy that Violet loves her "Cat in the Hat" book...it's just a beginning...she is so very smart and will be into heavier reading soon I'm sure! Love to you all

  2. Hi Virginia, we love "Cat in the Hat" and think of you each time we read it!


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