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oh, wear! Thanksgiving style

My rules for dress these days are simple: items that I will make it into the Goodwill bin in about two years (oh, and nothing that requires dry-cleaning...or that I would hate to see food imbedded into). Until Violet and Laela master the art of using utensils, I've shoved my finer clothing items to the back of my closet. But, a girl can still dream, right? Here's my pick for this Thanksgiving's festivities. Finding a less expensive cotton version of the dress shouldn't be too difficult. Wrap dresses are my go-to lately since they make nursing a cinch. Some lipstick in cranberry cream, a few feathers in the hair (such twisted humor - my apologies to turkeys everywhere) and some semiprecious jewelry punches up any outfit.

hair pins | dress | boots | bag | lipstick | pyrite earrings

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