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I'm experiencing post T-day blues. Most likely due to pastry and eggnog withdrawal, I'm feeling a bit bloated and lazy on this fine Monday. Fortunately Old Man Winter has been hitting the snooze button many, many times and it's going to be 67 degrees today (unheard of temps for New England this time of year). The ladies and I are all packed for an afternoon of nature trail walks. My calves are aching already, but I'll try my best to focus on all those slices of pie evaporating from my waistline (that is how it works, right)?

Oh, yeah it's cyber Monday (joy) and when my ladies take a long nap after their busy morning, I'll be shopping for Christmas gifts. If you will be too, check out marissab.com for my 12 hour sale. Use coupon code 12HOURSALE - it's valid now through midnight tonight! Also, I am a sucker for fun packaging and so I spent some time this past weekend restyling the Marissa B. gift boxes. I was so pleased with the results that I'm going to put every order in this "signature" packaging. Whether you decide to give Marissa B. handmade jewelry or keep - it will arrive ready to go either way in a nice package.

meat balloon image via Bust

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