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diy project no. 006: image transfers


I came across this DIY project at DesignSponge  over the weekend and couldn't wait to share it with my readers. This is such a great way to spruce up your dinner table for the impending holidays. Speaking of which, wouldn't some decorated tea towels make perfect little gifts? For images check out joseph cornell box or mellowmint's DeviantArt site (just full of downloadable hi-res goodies)!

1. photos of food, dishes, figurines, plates, etc. (anything you want, make sure it high resolution)
2. scissors
3. inkjet printer transfer paper
4. inkjet color printer
5. napkins and placemats (mine are from ikea and cost less than a dollar each)
6. iron
7. computer

1. if you don’t want to take the photographs of objects yourself, you can find some great images in food magazines, or cookbook images, or just search flickr for yummy food photos. upload your photos to your computer and play around with them to get them to be the size you want. make a couple black and white prints on 8.5 x 11 paper to check that you like the size and detail on your photos. you want your images to be something you can cut all the way around to have a freestanding object. the transfers print in reverse so if that matters to your object, you need to reverse the image on your computer before printing.
2. when you have the images ready at the size you want them to be, print them in color on your transfer paper according to the directions on the package of the transfer paper. if you have the option on your printer, you should choose the highest quality of printing.
3. allow the transfer prints to dry. meanwhile, iron all the wrinkle out of your placemats and napkins on high temperature with no steam. allow these to cool.
4. cut out your shapes with scissors. you want to cut all excess off your shapes and cut right up to the edge of you object.
5. lay the transfer paper down on the fabric and iron it down according to the transfer paper instructions.
6. continue following the transfer instructions for cooling, peeling off the backing, and setting the image.

images via Design Sponge
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  1. I can't believe you have TIME to do this! You are a creative genus! Kisses and hugs to your beautiful daughters for me. Hugs to you and Paul too.


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