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the uniform

No, I'm not talking about some CSI-esque television show.  I'm speaking of the fashion feint motherhood plays on a woman's sense of style.  You've all seen it and maybe even are wearing it right now.  The Uniform comes in two ghastly iterations: khaki pants, t-shirt, and sneakers or faded and pilling yoga pants, t-shirt, and orthopedic looking flats (or in colder months, Uggs).  There are some good points to The Uniform: You can wear it five times a week and no one notices; it's comfy; makes you feel maternal; you blend in perfectly with the other moms standing in line at - (name any discount retail chain).  The Uniform is so ubiquitous that not only will no one notice if you wear it five times a week, in fact, no one will notice you period.  Looking comfy and maternal reminds men of their mothers. You're also a wife. You used to be a girlfriend. Once upon a time you were a hot date.  Get the picture?

The good news is wearing kitten heels does not make you a bad mother and your children don't care if you're wearing a spicy lip gloss and eyeliner.  You're still Mum - they won't forget.  Maybe it's time to shake things up a little bit. With a few updates you can liven up your look, feel better about yourself and remind your man of the sexy woman he married.
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  1. Bahahaha I just read this on a day where its super late in the morning (9am) and am rocking the sweats with a bathrobe. Had no where to go and was chilly so I threw the bathrobe over my "uniform".

  2. Hi Liz, I'm glad you enjoyed this post! I can be seen in "the uniform" on just about any given day of the week :)


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