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diy project no. 002: homemade playdough

Investigative little hands need to be kept busy and play dough is Violet's favorite "toy" right now.  A bit hesitant at first, she now requests the pliable stuff just about every morning (it is much more exciting than yogurt and granola).  The basic recipe I used can be found here.  I added fragrance to give it a little bit of fabulous.  It just so happened that I had violet flower (bof!) fragrance left over from a diy stint with making bath bombs.  So pleased with the results of the dough, I'm thinking these would make great Christmas gifts for the little ones in my life.  I love these containers and am so tempted to get every one of these cake decorating colors to make a rainbow of play doughs.  Glitter?  Perhaps I'll even experiment with adding a side of sparkle.  Have a creative weekend!
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