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animal car

The realization has finally occurred; my car will never be clean again.  Having been commandeered by a toddler and an infant, the back seat of my vehicle looks like a murky swarm of disembodied animal crackers, discarded wipes, board books with most of their pages stuck together, and a soggy array of stuffed animal travel companions scattered amid the chaos.  Every now and then I unearth a diaper in need of discarding... it's not a pretty (or pleasant smelling) scene.  While I can do a few maintenance cleanings, that new car smell and shiny interior will remain a distant dream.  And that's ok.  I used to stress out about keeping the car extra clean - vacuumed, dusted, Armor All-ed... the works!  It was one more line on my weekend to-do list, but now I think of the mess as another passenger.  A travel companion that never whines, cries or demands music when I have a headache.  Someday the mess will move on and I'll have a clean backseat again - until then I'll let the mess grow on me (just hopefully not on my children). 

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