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cutie pie

The concept of baking mini pies in glass canning jars is a fun, unexpected treat high on novelty factor.  Though I've come across the idea in the past, this recent post at the family kitchen has renewed my interest in finally making these.  I also like the recipe over at squawk fox for another version of tasty tiny tarts.  Whether blueberry, cherry, apple... these little cuties will charm your dinner guests, impress your family and tickle just about anyone to whom you gift these.  Have fun decorating the lids of the jars - cut a square of fabric and tie down with a ribbon, or glue a fancy circle of paper to the top inner lid.  Want to make creative wedding or shower favors that will be talked about well past your event?  Just head on over to creative montage or more and more originals for personalized stickers and tags.  My plan for these pleasingly petite pastries?  Present them to my small gathering in celebration of today's festivities.
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