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beach day hopeful

Mornings with a newborn and a toddler have been rough going these past weeks, but this morning I had the motivating factor that Saturday we are headed out for a long anticipated day at the beach.  Normally going to the beach is not such a big production - grab some snacks, sunscreen, a few towels... Hero Hubby stashes a spare diaper in his back pocket on the way out and we are good to go. 

However, with baby no. 2 to consider a family outing looks more like a chaotic cyclone than a breezy sweep-up of a few kid essentials before jumping into the car.  There's got to be some cool math analogy I could insert right here: two kids equal...? Maybe if I was better at algebra I'd come up with something clever.  Anyway, the point is that it takes hours just to get out of the house on any given weekend morning.  You might be wondering why I'm looking forward to Saturday morning's adventure.  Well, it's because I've realized what I'm sure every new mother of two comes to understand: the night before preparation.  Yes, I am joining the ranks of the organized, the plan ahead-ers, the (ok, you get the idea).  Always one to wing it, I have summoned my powers of premeditation to plan an efficient and chill day at the beach. 

Below is a visual manifestation of my plan of action.  Oh, yeah.. did I mention we have to be there by 7:00 am to get a parking space?  I hope you have a wonderful weekend whatever your plans, or non-plans may be!

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